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Led Zeppelin – Part II

Led Zeppelin – Part II      This Led Zeppelin- Part II post shows that things happened very quickly for Led Zeppelin. We are now moving into the period where Led Zeppelin will establish itself as one of (if not the) biggest rock bands in the world! The much anticipated release of Led Zeppelin II meant there was now pressure for the band to meet growing expectations to equal or surpass their

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Led Zeppelin – the Early Years

 Led Zeppelin -the Early Years       In 1968, Jimmy Page and Peter Grant (who had retained the legal rights to the Yardbirds name) were determined to carry on after the demise of The Yardbirds. Page slowly began reforming The New Yardbirds to fulfill some contracted performance dates in Europe. The session bassist, keyboardist, composer, and arranger, John Paul Jones had asked Page about his plans for The New Yardbirds.  The

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Jeff Beck

Guitar great Jeff Beck     Jeff Beck (born 1944-) arrived on the music scene when he replaced Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds in 1965.  He began his career as a solo artist in 1967 with the release of the single “Beck’s Bolero” that became an instrumental hit in the mid-1960s.  Beck led his own band, The Jeff Beck Group, from 1967 to 1972 that featured Rod Stewart on vocals.  From 1972

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The Yardbirds

      The Yardbirds  (1963-1968) were an important English supergroup that also proved to be an important catalyst for the careers of Cream and Led Zeppelin.  In addition, they helped to launch the solo careers of guitarists Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton.  The original lineup was fronted by guitarist/vocalist Keith Reif and featured guitarists Chris Dreja and Anthony Topham, bassist Paul Samwell-Smith, and drummer Jim McCarty.  The Yardbirds assumed a residency

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Grateful Dead

This month I am super excited to feature one of my all-time favorite bands – The Grateful Dead! The Dead are as much a part of Americana music as any band (including The Band). They created a legacy that is unmatched in American music history.  As unique as the Dead were, their fans (Deadheads) were a cultural phenomenon unto themselves- a virtual sub-culture within the counterculture of the 1960’s and beyond! The Grateful

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The Four Sides of Jimi Hendrix

Back by popular demand, I have decided to extend this month’s Rock Doc blog to more coverage of the great Jimi Hendrix!  Last month, we explored the life and music of Hendrix in some detail.  This month we will dig deeper into his legendary musicianship. In this article titled The Four Sides of Jimi Hendrix, I will state a case that he was one of the most complete musicians in virtually any style

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Jimi Hendrix

I am really excited to explore the incredible musicianship of Jimi Hendrix this month!!  I really want to focus on his music and Hendrix’s many musical attributes rather than get side-tracked with “27-club” conspiracy theories about his death and other issues that pull us away from the music itself. This blog post will present some of Jimi’s musical history and then focus on his multi-faceted musical skills. It is truly amazing and

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The Musical Genius of Pete Townshend and Keith Moon

This month, I have decided to continue our focus on the musical genius of legendary classic rock band The Who by taking a “deeper dive” into the musical minds of two of its members, composer/guitarist Pete Townshend and drumming great Keith Moon. What musical characteristics make the The Who “uniquely” unique? The extraordinary creativity and musical inventiveness of Townshend and Moon are at the top of the list!        

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This picture of The Who captures them on stage during on of their classic performances
British Invasion Bands

The Who – Wreaking Havoc

The Who (1964-present) represent one of the defining British Invasion bands. The Who could have easily been placed in the punk rock genre as one of the first true punk bands. They exhibited punk characteristics of violence, aggressive behavior (on and off stage), attention to fashion trends, and a healthy disrespect for authority. Their early fans could be thought of as the first punk fans but without the mosh pits. Their fan

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Elton John

  Elton John was the biggest pop-rock star of the 1970’s (he could make a claim as“king of pop” at least for that decade).  His flamboyant stage attire and outspoken persona only added to his star status. In a remarkable career that kept him on the charts for over twenty-five years, Elton John adeptly changed with the times.  Elton’s musical relationship with Bernie Taupin has rivaled the legendary partnerships of Lennon and McCartney and Tin Pan

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