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Full eight-week Rock History Course Coming Spring 2024!

Early  Classic Rock: From the Post -Beatles British Invasion of The Rolling Stones

and Led Zeppelin to the Psychedelic Era to Bowie and Queen and much more

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Here’s What You Get With This Course:

a FREE College textbook (valued at $66.00) titled

Rock History – The Musicians Perspective

This is the same eBook text used at Temple University and Rutgers University

Our Rockin’ Courses contain the following:

Hundreds of Songs from all rock genres and styles are briefly discussed and broken down that show how the music was created

✯ Dozens of groundbreaking albums by the greatest artists and bands that revolutionized and changed the course of rock history are examined across all eras and rock styles

✯ Hundreds of quotes are stated by the rock stars themselves that reveal their personal thoughts and concepts behind their unique rock ’n’ roll approach 

✯ Many Rock Hard Facts expose the reader to many little known fun facts about their favorite rock artists and bands

✯ Dozens of Profiles of Rock Stars and important issues relevant to rock history are explored throughout every rock genre

✯ We ask you Discussion Questions to inspire you to think about the important issues and concepts that occurred throughout the history of rock music

The course is divided into four modules – Each spanning a two week period 


Below you get a peak at Module #One (week’s one and two of the course)


New Course Offering 

“Early Classic Rock: From the Psychedilic Era to Bowie and Queen”

Want to get inside the music of legendary Classic rock artists and bands?

The curriculum for this course begins with the American answer to the British Invasion. You will become an expert as our lesson modules skillfully teach you the musical qualities of artists from Jimi Hendrix to The Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, The Police, and so many more…

Module 1  The Psychedelic Era of Rock

    • Module #1 Video Overview of the course

    • Week #1 Introduction to The American Answer (to the British Invasion) and Psychedelic Rock

    • Week #1 Test Your Pre-Module 1 Knowledge of The Psychedelic Era of Rock

    • Week #1 Reading eBook Chapter 6 pages 78-85

    • Week #1 Video Lesson – The Grateful Dead

    • Week #1 Slideshow #1 and Embedded Playlist of Chapter 6 -Part two (1st section) The American Answer

    • Week #1 Padlet #1 Discussion Board

    • Module 1 Week #2 Other American Rock Answers (to the British Invasion)

    • Week #2 Reading eBook Chapter 6 pages 85 to 90

    • Week #2 Video Lesson – Jimi Hendrix

    • Week #2 Slideshow #2 and Embedded Playlist of Chapter 6 part II (second section) The American Answer

    • Week #2 Padlet Discussion Board

    • End of Module 1 Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of the Psychedelic Era of Rock and The American Answer

    • Chapter 6 Playlist of featured Songs (MP3’s) Bonus Material


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Early Classic Rock

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Early American Classic to Modern Rock
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