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About Rock Doc Music Courses and "The Rock Doc"

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Rock Doc Music Courses were founded by "The Rock Doc" (AKA Dr. Rob Brosh) to provide a fun and highly educational experience for rock music enthusiasts of all ages and music backgrounds. Collectively, our courses will cover every genre and style of rock music!

Each of our courses will build your rock history knowledge without the pressure of grades and heavy exams. Our rock courses get "inside" major rock artists and bands to reveal their unique music approach and the creative inspiration of their music.

When you complete a Roc Doc Music Course, you will receive a certificate of completion but most importantly, you will have had a great experience increasing your knowledge of rock and roll history!


About Us        Who is “The Rock Doc” ?

 Dr. Robert Brosh has been a college music history and drumset faculty professor at a number of colleges and universities for the past 30 years including: Rowan University, Temple University, The New School (in New York), The University of the Arts, and Rowan College at Burlington.  Rob has taught Rock History, Popular Music History, American Music History, World Music, and Jazz History courses.  Rob researched and wrote the innovative textbook “Rock History – The Musician’s Perspective,” which has been used at a number of universities.  Rob’s experience as a rock history professor and author gave him the inspiration to create the Rock Doc Music Course series.

As a musician, Rob plays drumset in many musical styles and various percussion instruments from around the world. Rob has worked the showrooms in Atlantic City for numerous musical acts and he has led the Loose Cannon Band and the Raw Deal Band throughout the Philadelphia/New York areas.  As a composer, Rob has published a number of jazz/New Orleans funk compositions and has written extensively for the medium of drumset duets with his innovative duo ensemble DrumSquared.


The following performances are by the Rob Brosh Americana Band from a book release concert October 8th, 2018 at the Caplan Recital Hall, University of the Arts.

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Course offering for Fall of 2023: Early Classic Rock
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