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                                 “The Imbalanced History of Rock and Roll” Part II

                                               by DJ’s/Podcasters Ray Koob and Markus Goldman

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In this special addition of The Rock Doc’s Rockin Blog Ray and Markus share four of their favorite podcasts that have earned them the respect of the Rock and Roll World!


This podcast that was created to discuss the humongous tree of music known as Rock and Roll. There are thousands of branches. The history is fuzzy, scattered, known and unknown. There is so much information out there already with even more to be learned. Together, we are going to have fun talking about our passion, the Imbalanced History of Rock and Roll. Between us, we have 50+ years of rock and roll radio experience and a thirst to know more that hasn’t been quenched. Together, with your input we want to begin to balance the imbalanced. We look forward to connecting and sharing with you as we  dig deep into the  music.

picture of Markus Goldman
Markus Goldman


picture of Ray Koob
Ray Koob



Podcast Topic #1: Blues Great Robert Johnson

We had a chance to speak to Preston Lauterbach about helping Robert Johnson’s 1/2 sister Ms. Annye Anderson share her experiences with her 1/2 brother Robert Johnson. She filled in the answers to the “Missing” 18 months of Robert Johnson’s life where he supposedly sold his soul to the devil. He didn’t. But, in this conversation with Preston Lauterbach, we find out what happened to Robert. This episode means so much because it gives us more insight to who Robert Johnson really was. We got a human look at the man who changed the blues. We also learned that there is a chance  someone has Robert Johnson’s guitar. 

Brother Robert: Truth Behind A Blues Legend (Growing Up With Robert Johnson)

Podcast Topic #2: The legendary Jim Morrison

Once we started looking into the whole mess that led to Morrison’s departure from the U.S. for Paris, we became obsessed. I learned a ton more than I’d known, as did Markus. There’s an accompanying blog, too! Hit it here

The FBI vs. Jim Morrison

Podcast Topic #3: Rock Icon Tom Petty

Record Promo demo & author, Jon Scott shares his stories about his incredible friendship with one of our faves, Tom Petty! Gone five years this month, this episode makes us smile, laugh, and also cry a bit… They were very close, and certainly more so than most artists and “their record guy.” Listen here:

Tom Petty And Me (And Jon Scott And Us)

Podcast Topic #4: The CRAMPS – LOVE STORY:

The Love story between Lux Interior and Poison Ivy is intriguing and wild. A Rock and Roll Love affair in the most Rock and Roll way. But, the music and the love were real and strong. The Cramps took the roots of Rock and Roll and bent the blues. They always kept it fun. A band everyone who loves Rock and Roll should listen to and get to know.

Lux Interior And Poison Ivy: The Story Of The Cramps