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This is a picture of the classic rock band - The Kinks

The Kinks


Part II Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead (Pt.II) This Month I will continue to feature (back by popular demand)  The Grateful Dead. Last month was devoted to their basic history

Grateful Dead

This month I am super excited to feature one of my all-time favorite bands – The Grateful Dead! The Dead are as much a part of

The Four Sides of Jimi Hendrix

Back by popular demand, I have decided to extend this month’s Rock Doc blog to more coverage of the great Jimi Hendrix!  Last month, we

Jimi Hendrix

I am really excited to explore the incredible musicianship of Jimi Hendrix this month!!  I really want to focus on his music and Hendrix’s many

This picture of The Who captures them on stage during on of their classic performances
British Invasion Bands

The Who – Wreaking Havoc

The Who (1964-present) represent one of the defining British Invasion bands. The Who could have easily been placed in the punk rock genre as one

Elton John

  Elton John was the biggest pop-rock star of the 1970’s (he could make a claim as“king of pop” at least for that decade).  His