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Island Music            1253 Asbury Ave. Ocean City, NJ                (609) 525 4223

Island Music offers Lessons- Performance Ensembles-Music Courses- and sells quality musical instruments

At Island Music, We embrace the family oriented atmosphere of Ocean City. Our mission is to work closely with the community and to further enrich the students of the local and neighboring school districts with music and the arts. We provide lessons to students of all ages and skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Our lessons are taught exclusively by professional educators and performers in south jersey. We offer Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drum Set, Voice, Brass, Woodwinds and String lessons. Do you want to sign up for a lesson but still need an instrument? We carry instruments and accessories tailored to meet the needs of all skill levels at affordable prices. Ranging from beginer electric and acoustic guitars, drum practice pads, sticks, woodwind reeds and more. Special orders are available.
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Check out Island Music's expert music faculty in action giving lessons!

                  Rock Doc partners with Island Music to provide Rock Doc Music Courses!

We offer a variety of four week Rock History courses. Coming this July 2022, you can join our Led Zeppelin “Rock Doc Mini Course” offered live in person class at the store and online.

You can play in our Led Zeppelin Ensemble (starting this Fall 2022 – see the Island Music ensemble page for details).  If you are a drummer, bass player, guitar player, keyboard player, or singer who loves Led Zeppelin and wants to learn this music and have a lot of fun —  then this is the course and ensemble for you!

 If you just love Led Zeppelin and want a fun and very affordable experience  –then take the course!

By bundling the course and ensemble together – you will learn Zeppelin history and play Led Zeppelin on the highest of levels!

Other Rock Doc Music Courses will be listed on the Island Music Website Ensemble Program page see below).

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Island Music Ensemble Program

Island Music is pleased to announce our Music Ensemble Program.  In this very affordable Island Music Program, not only can you hone your instrumental and vocal skills, but you can also develop your performance skills as well!  Throughout the calendar year, we will offer a number of exciting and diverse music ensembles directed by Island Music’s outstanding music faculty. We also offer a number of innovative Rock History music courses!

Students gain valuable musical experience as each Ensemble will rehearse for a total of six weeks and then perform a full concert at an Ocean City venue.  Students will receive both the audio and written music for the styles and artists/bands that the ensemble covers. All Ensembles rehearse weekly for one hour.


                           Here are our current Ensemble and Course offerings for Summer 2022:


                                                                    Drum Circle Ensemble 

     Like to play hand-percussion? This Ensemble is an open jam with one of our hand drum faculty members. You can sign up for a full six weeks or register for just one session at a time.  Let’s say you are in Ocean City for only a week or two.  This is a perfect way to learn some new instruments, gain some valuable ensemble experience, and have some FUN! You can bring your own drum or we will provide drums and other percussion instruments.

                                                    (No prior percussion experience is necessary)                              

 Start Date: Sunday July 17th (and every Sunday through labor day)       Time: 11:00 am                              Cost: $210.00 for six-weeks (10% discount for current Island Music students)                                                                         walk-in drummers per session $35.00


                                                                         Ukulele Ensemble

     This six-week Ensemble is about taking your Ukulele skills to a new level! You will learn songs and experience the “power of a full Ukulele band!” Ensemble members learn melodies, chords, and even how to improvise on their Ukulele.  There is nothing like the sound of our Ukulele Ensemble! All levels of players are welcome.

 Start Date: Sunday July 17th (and every Sunday through August 14th)       Time: 11:30 am                      Cost: $240.00 for six-weeks (10% discount for current Island Music students)


                                                                     Led Zeppelin Course

     Do you love the music of Led Zeppelin? No matter how strong your Led Zeppelin knowledge is, this four-week  Rock Doc “Mini Course” covers the whole history of one of the greatest rock bands of all-time-Led Zeppelin. This hard rockin’ course is loaded with tons of features including Zeppelin readings, video breakdowns, slideshows with dozens of Zeppelin classic songs, band member profiles, interviews, and more! There is nothing like this course anywhere!                                                                

Start Date: Sunday July 31st (and every Sunday through August 21st)       Time: 11:00 am                              Cost: $124.99 for four-weeks  (10% discount with coupon code at course site check-out)                                                 Click the button on the bottom of this page to visit/signup for this course                     


                                                   “Taking My First Steps” Youth Ensemble

                                                  (Val add description) Start Date: Fall 2022


                                         Led Zeppelin Ensemble (bundled Led Zeppelin Course)

     In this ensemble, Island music students will learn to play the music of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin! Not only that, but this ensemble also includes the “Rock Doc mini course” titled “Led Zeppelin”!  For the 1st four weeks, students study the musical history and style of Led Zeppelin (complete with both in person lectures and online materials) and then rehearse the music.  In the final two weeks, students rehearse and then give a hard rocking Led Zeppelin performance! Instrumentation will include: guitar, bass, drumset, keyboards, and vocals. There is nothing around like this combined class and ensemble experience!

                                                                            Start Date: Fall 2022


                                                                 Brazilian Percussion Ensemble

     This Ensemble focuses on the music of Brazilian styles such as samba, baiao, partido alto, and more. Students will learn how to play and solo on a vast array of Brazilian instruments such as; surdo, tamborim, repique, caixa, pandeiro, ago-go bells and much more.  Join us as we march through the streets of Ocean City performing these exciting music styles! 

                     (No prior percussion experience is necessary) Start date: Fall 2022

                                                              Youth Percussion ensemble                                                                                            

                                                                             COMING SOON

                                                                              Jazz Ensemble

                                                                             Start Date: TBA   

                                                           1990’s Grunge Rock Ensemble                                                                                                                                                   Start Date: TBA   



                                                   Island Music Ensemble Faculty Members


Rob Brosh– drums/percussion      Tyler Steinbronn– Drums/Percussion        Val Adams       Matt Adams                                         Rob Brosh playing drums 



Led Zeppelin "Mini Course"

Click below to signup or learn more about this innovative and very affordable course!