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This illustrations shows the Roc Doc teaching rock history at the blackboard.

                                                      ♦ Three Benefits of becoming a Rock Doc Affiliate ♦

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This illustration shows the Rock Doc making a musical diagnosis by finding a guitar inside a body on an xray.

                                                                   ♦More reasons to work with us♦

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Backcover of Rock History-The Musician's Perspective textbook

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The Rock Doc Affiliate Program is available to affiliates with or without your own website or e-commerce platform. We are free to join. Simply apply fill out the form below, and then briefly wait for acceptance. Then you can send our monthly newsletters, add our banners and links to your site and email list to begin earning commissions on every one of our exciting courses!

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Illustration of Jimi Hendrix

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If you as an affiliate, would like to take a Rock Doc Course – just recruit two students and instead of accepting commissions on the sales – you can take a full Rock Doc course in its place! Two Plus You!

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Here are some FAQ's about our growing Rock Doc Affiliate Program

Click on the above CLICK HERE TO START TODAY and fill out the affiliate registration form and after you are approved you will be prompted to add your own affiliate account.

Absolutely not, it’s free to join!

Affiliates earn a 25% commission on the sale of a Rock Doc course after the course is discounted to the customer.

Yes, each affiliate will receive their own personal discount code to give to each of their potential Rock Doc customers. This way, each affiliate gets paid for each customer that they recruit.

No, you can become an affiliate using only your email list to recruit customers. Although, it is good to have a website as your “home base” to market Rock Doc courses.

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